Advantages of having an Accounting System

Every company needs an accounting system to manage their resources efficiently and effectively. So what is accounting system? An accounting system is a system of collecting, storing and processing financial and accounting data that are used by decision makers. It is an organised set of both manually and computerised accounting method for tracking and presenting accurate and timely accounting activities in conjunction. Advantages Accuracy People make errors, and a computerised accounting[...]

Press Release: Rockbell opens third outlet in Puchong

  Rockbell opens third outlet in Puchong Johor Bahru, Malaysia – 27 April 2017 - Rockbell will be opening its third office in Puchong, Kuala Lumpur on Friday, 28 April 2017. Working hand in hand with Million Software, Rockbell is set to provide quality accounting solutions and services to SMEs in the region. As the third stop of many upcoming expansions, Puchong is selected for being an up and coming international business hub with expanding markets and ample business[...]