Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Rockbell provides a wide range of human resource management solutions, from payroll to E-leave, E-claim, rostering, project and time attendance systems.

E-leave Module

E-leave is an online leave application system that allows employees to access via a web browser. For every leave applied, the system will notify the management for approval. The whole process is simple and efficient.

Time Attendance Module

Time Attendance Tracking & Calculation System automates the tracking of individual employee via biometric facial recognition device or mobile app to replace the manual hard copy time sheets. The Management will be able to track the employee location real time and time sheet will be accessible every day instead of the end of the month.
With the automation of the personnel tracking, it will improve the accuracy of the time attendance and reduce human errors. Hence it will prevent unnecessary miscalculation of labor and better projection on the labor cost for each project.

E-claim Module

E-claim is an online claim submission system for employees to create claim records and track approval status. Digitalising claim process reduces inaccuracy and inefficiency of manual data entry. It also increases transparency, speed up approval and save cost in the long run.
It can also be intergrated with Million Payroll Software to ensure maximum work efficiency.

Government Assistance Available

Rockbell provides a PSG pre-approved, full-fledged human resource system that includes Million Payroll System. PSG grant support will be up to 50% of qualified costs to help companies kick-start their technology journey.
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What are the yearly charges for Million Payroll System?

Million Payroll System is a one-time payment, lifetime license solution. Users can create unlimited company directories at no extra charges.

What will happen to Million Payroll System if there are changes to CPF rates?

Million will be upgraded to stay compliant to all the latest rules and regulations. Rockbell will inform users of any new Million Payroll System version so users can upgrade their system with the patch file provided.

What can I do if I have reached my maximum headcount in Million Payroll System?

You can upgrade your Million Payroll System to create unlimited employees for your company.
Are you looking for a system to digitalise HR processes? Rockbell offers a full suite including Million Payroll, E-leave, E-Claim, E-Appraisal and E- Documentation!
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How Time Attendance System Can Trap Fraudsters

Fraudsters are always looking for new ways to exploit businesses and steal money. One of the most common ways they do this is by manipulating time attendance records.

Time attendance systems are designed to track employee hours worked, but fraudsters can use them to their advantage. By tampering with time cards or clock-in/clock-out times, they can inflate their hours worked and get paid for time they didn’t actually work.

This type of fraud is called “time theft” and it costs businesses billions of dollars every year. But there are ways to prevent it. By using a Time attendance system that includes features like fingerprint scanning or facial recognition, you can be sure that only authorized employees are able to clock in and out.

Here are some of the most common ways fraudsters attempt to exploit time attendance systems, and how you can protect your business from them.

Buddy Punching

One of the most common ways fraudsters attempt to exploit time attendance systems is by “buddy punching.” This is when an employee punches in or out for another employee who is not present. This can be done manually, by having someone else punch the time clock for them, or via a software workaround, by using a secondary device to remotely punch in or out for them.

Buddy punching can be difficult to catch, but there are a few ways to prevent it. First, you can require employees to use biometric authentication, such as a fingerprint scan, to punch in and out. This makes it much more difficult for someone to punch in or out for another person. 

Alternatively, you can set up your time attendance system to require employees to enter a code, such as their employee ID number, before they can punch in or out.

Time Shaving

Another way fraudsters attempt to exploit time attendance systems is by “time shaving.” This is when an employee tries to reduce the amount of time they’ve worked by fudging their start and end times. For example, an employee may start their shift a few minutes late but not clock in until they’ve actually started working. Or, they may clock out a few minutes early but continue working until their shift is actually over.

Time shaving can be difficult to catch, but there are a few ways to prevent it. You can set up your time attendance system to require employees to clock in and out at specific times. 

For example, you can set the system to only allow employees to clock in between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., and to only allow them to clock out between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. This makes it much more difficult for employees to shave time off of their shifts.

You can set up your Time attendance system to track the actual hours worked by each employee. This can be done via a software plugin or by integrating with a third-party time tracking system. This way, even if an employee tries to shave time off of their shift, you’ll still have a record of the actual hours they worked.

Falsifying Records

Finally, fraudsters may try to exploit time attendance systems by “falsifying records.” This is when an employee changes their time sheet or other records to show that they worked more (or less) than they actually did. For example, an employee may change their start time from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., or they may change the number of hours they worked from 40 to 50.

Falsifying records is relatively easy to do, but there are a few ways to prevent it. First, you can require employees to submit their timesheets electronically, and set up the system to automatically compare the electronic time sheets with the data from the time attendance system. This way, if there are any discrepancies, you’ll be able to catch them quickly.

Alternatively, you can require employees to sign their timesheets before they’re submitted. This way, if an employee tries to change their timesheet after it’s been signed, you’ll be able to catch it.



Implementing a time attendance system is an effective way to deter and detect employee fraud. By using one of these systems, organizations can safeguard themselves against financial losses and protect their reputation.


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LiMay Lim
User since 2016. Good support team and good customer service by Jacie.
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Million software is simple and easy to use. It managed to accommodate to our company needs. The support team are also very helpful and efficient.
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Have been engaging Rockbell's service since 2010. The support team was quick to respond in solving any issues related to the software. Special thanks to Ms Chan and Jayson. Highly recommended.
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Carol foo
The team response very well and we are happy with the service
My company is using Million Accounting and Million Payroll. When encountered issues, with one phone called or whatsApp, the IT support team, will be designated to attend to our need in shortly and fast respond solved the issue. Excellent team, and specially thanks to Jacie to coordinated and Ms Chan for your excellent skills. It's worth & recommended!!! Highly recommended if you are looking for Accounting and Payroll Software Solution.

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