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The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) wants to make itemized payslips compulsory within the next two years and employers are expected to prepare for the changes. Hence, purchasing a payroll computerized system will assist to provide computerized payslip to all employees.
In additional, CPF and IR8A form can be directly generated form our system and upload on to the CPF and IRAS websites. Companies can also tap on various government schemes to defray the cost of payroll software purchases.
Feature highlights:
  • 3 pay rate types – monthly, daily and hourly
  • Overtime calculation at rate of 1.0 times, 1.5 times, 2.0 times or 3 times
  • Annual and medical leave tracking
  • 17 allowances and 15 deductions available for customisation
  • Generation of statutory forms: CPF Form 91 and IR8A
  • SDL & FWL table for monthly deductions
  • Supports CDAC, MBF, SINDA etc. deductions
A) Statutory forms: CPF Form 91 & IR8A
B) Management Reports & Operation Documents
Feature highlights:
  • Payslip
  • Pay Summary: Basic Pay/Allowances/Deductions/Overtime/CPF
  • Personnel and Payroll Report
  • Leave Reports – outstanding leave v. exhausted leave
  • Work Force/Turnover Analysis
  • Net Pay by cash/bank
  • Yearly Employee Pay Summary

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Rockbell provides a wide range of human resource management solutions, from payroll to E-leave, E-claim, rostering, project and time attendance systems.

What is E-Leave?​

E-leave is an online leave application system that allows employees to access via a web browser. For every leave applied, the system will notify the management for approval. The whole process is simple and efficient.

What is Time Attendance System?​

Time Attendance Tracking & Calculation System automates the tracking of individual employee via biometric facial recognition device or mobile app to replace the manual hard copy time sheets. The Management will be able to track the employee location real time and time sheet will be accessible every day instead of the end of the month.

With the automation of the personnel tracking, it will improve the accuracy of the time attendance and reduce human errors. Hence it will prevent unnecessary miscalculation of labor and better projection on the labor cost for each project.

It can also be intergrated with Million Payroll Software to ensure maximum work efficiency.

Rockbell Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is PSG pre-approved!

Are you looking for a system to digitalise HR processes? Rockbell offers a full suite including Million Payroll, E-leave, E-Claim, E-Appraisal and E- Documentation!

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Slide We're very impressed with Million Software and the efficiencies it has generated so far, including time saving upwards of 50%. In addition, the accuracy of the processed data is much better than what we expected. I would happily recommend Rockbell International Software services to anyone and continue to support them! Stars Engineering Technologies Pte Ltd Slide The consultant made everything easy on my part yet fulfilled all my business needs. Chye Lee House of Ingredients Slide I would like to thank Rockbell for their excellent products and services Ms. Lee Li Hua - Yale Contructions Slide As an accounting firm, Million Accounting Software has helped me a lot in managing different clients' accounts by creating different database. The 'recurring transaction' feature makes all accounting entries fast and simple, and make it a great tool to rush for backlog accounting and meet deadlines.
Joyce Cheong (Director) - YY Chong & Co

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