Time Attendance System

Million time attendance system enables employees to clock in and out from any location, providing GPS-based tracking. It also tracks lateness and overtime hours automatically. With a simple button click, the system can calculate the worked hours and seamlessly synchronize the data with payroll, streamlining the entire process. This feature ensures accurate attendance records and simplifies payroll management for businesses.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider getting the Million Time Attendance System to alleviate your problems:

  • Clock in and out anytime and anywhere using the mobile
  • Real-time location tracking to prevent dishonesty and
  • Efficiently track absentees to manage workforce
  • Automated calculation of lateness and overtime hours,
  • Access daily attendance reports for better insights into

Clock in and out anytime and anywhere

Real-time location tracking

Efficiently track absentees

Automated calculation of lateness and overtime hours

Various report accessible for HR management purposes.

Clock in and out anytime and anywhere

Using the Million Time Attendance System, employees have the flexibility to record their attendance from any location and at any time. Once an employee clocks in, additional options such as taking a break and clocking out become accessible. During break times, users can easily indicate their break duration by swiping on the break option; afterward, they can swipe again to resume their shift. The system will then begin calculating working hours accordingly. Similarly, when it is time to end the workday, employees can simply clock out, which will cease the recording of working hours. Employees working from the office who prefer to clock in through the web portal on their computers can easily do so, eliminating the necessity of utilizing the mobile app.

Real-time location tracking

Million Time Attendance System incorporates real-time location tracking as a preventive measure against deceitful practices and to guarantee precise attendance logs. Once employee clock in, their location is immediately captured using Google Maps, and this information is promptly displayed on the backend portal. The same principle applies when taking breaks or resuming work after a break; the system captures the respective locations, which are then updated within the time attendance system portal. This approach enables effective monitoring of employees who telecommute or work while on the move, enabling HR to ensure accountability and deter any
unethical behaviour.

Efficiently track absentees

Million Time Attendance System simplifies the process of monitoring absences. If an employee fails to clock in, this will be indicated on the absence page. HR can promptly apply compulsory leave for the employee through this system, thereby minimizing the likelihood of overlooking to apply urgent leave by the employee. This holds particular significance for companies with a larger workforce, as keeping track of individual attendance can prove challenging. Implementing this approach ensures that nobody can remain absent without formally requesting leave.

Automated calculation of lateness and overtime hours

In certain corporate practices, salary deductions are imposed for lateness. With the implementation of this system, concerns about tracking lateness are eliminated as it automatically computes the duration of employee lateness, sparing you the need to perform manual calculations.

Similarly, when it comes to overtime, the system performs automatic calculations. This not only reduces the need for additional manpower but also minimizes the potential for human errors.

Various report accessible for HR management purposes

Other than lateness, early departure report and overtime report, there are attendance summary and daily attendance report.

These reports are crucial for HR management due to several reasons:

Lateness Report: This report helps HR identify employees who consistently arrive late, enabling them to address the issue promptly. Timely intervention can improve punctuality, boost productivity, and maintain a consistent work environment.

Early Departure Report: This report highlights employees who frequently leave work early. HR can use this information to ensure adherence to work schedules and equitable workload distribution.

Overtime Report: Monitoring overtime helps HR manage employee workload, track excessive overtime, and evaluate the need for additional resources. This ensures both employee well-being and efficient resource allocation.

Attendance Summary: An attendance summary provides an overview of employee attendance patterns, helping HR assess attendance trends, identify potential issues, and make informed decisions regarding policies or interventions.

Daily Attendance Report: This report offers a day-to-day breakdown of employee attendance. HR can use this to manage daily operations, track trends, and address any attendance anomalies promptly.

Collectively, these reports empower HR to maintain a well-functioning work environment, ensure fair and consistent policies, address attendance-related concerns, and make data-driven decisions for optimal workforce management.

Government Assistance Available

Rockbell Human Resource Management System is a PSG pre-approved solution.
PSG grant support will be up to 50% of qualified costs to help companies kick-start their technology journey..
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Answer to Frequently Asked Questions About Time Attendance System

Yes, with a simple button click, all the records can be synchronized to the system and automatically calculated for you in the million payroll system.
Yes, you have the flexibility to set different work shifts and working hours for individual employees according to their specific requirements.
No, employees cannot fabricate their location because the application uses Google Maps to show their real-time location once they open the Million Time Attendance System app. This ensures accurate and reliable location tracking.
Yes, the Million Time attendance management system is cloud-based, allowing you to access it anytime and from anywhere if you have internet access.

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